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People never really know me, but you did.
Qi Xi 101



Given Name: Qi  奇 [tʃiː] “Chee”
Surname: Xi  西 [siː] “See”
Since August 23, 1994

Born in Beijing, China
Living in Seattle WA, U.S.A.

B.S. in Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin–Madison, September 2012–December 2016

Founder and CEO, Hormone Inc., March 1, 2019–Present
Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation, May 1, 2017–March 1, 2019
Founder and CEO (while in college), Wormhole LLC, August 1, 2012–August 23, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Qi Xi 301

Fun Facts


4-time full marathon runner

student pilot

snowboarding super fan

proud bunny owner

progressing guitar player

totally piano amateur

skateboarding newbie

Qi Xi 501

Random Thoughts

I always enjoy uncertainties. Comparing to rolling a dice, I prefer scratch-off lotteries; there are unlimited possibilities behind the grey boxes than one of the six numbers. If lottery companies were stupid enough to let me issue a scratch-off lottery, I would put something else behind these sweet grey boxes: my darkest secrets, my greatest fears, the girl I’m having a crush on, or the person I really hate. People won’t have different reactions though when they buy my lotteries; after they scratch them off, they either laugh or cry.

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