Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to pronounce your name?
A: Qi [tʃiː], Xi [siː]


Q: What does your name mean in Chinese?
A: It means “special, unique and rare”.


Q: Do you have an English name?
A: I used to have one, but not any more.


Q: I notice that you share the same family name with the President of People’s Republic of China
A: NO.


Q: Where did you attend High School?
A: Both my middle school and high school was Luhe High School in Beijing, China.


Q: Do you play any musical instruments?
A: I learned piano and guitar by myself but neither are at a satisfiable level.


Q: I’m just a random person on the Internet, can I email you?
A: Please do.


Q: Are you single?
A: Currently yes.