It is going to be
People never really know me, but you did.
Qi Xi 101


Given Name: Qi  奇 [tʃiː] “Chee”
Surname: Xi  西 [siː] “See”
Since August 23, 1994 from Beijing, China
Living in Seattle
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bachelor of Science

Founder of Hormone Inc., March 1, 2019 — Present
Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation, May 1, 2017 — March 1, 2019
Founder of Wormhole LLC, August 1, 2012 — August 23, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Qi Xi 301

Buddies Wanted


4-time full marathon runner

student pilot

snowboarding super fan

proud bunny owner

progressing guitar player

totally piano amateur

skateboarding newbie

Qi Xi 501

Random Thoughts

I always enjoy uncertainties. Comparing to rolling a dice, I prefer scratch-off lotteries; there are unlimited possibilities behind the grey boxes than one of the six numbers. If lottery companies were stupid enough to let me issue a scratch-off lottery, I would put something else behind these sweet grey boxes: my darkest secrets, my greatest fears, the girl I’m having a crush on, or the person I really hate. People won’t have different reactions though when they buy my lotteries; after they scratch them off, they either laugh or cry.

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… so, if you are solving a puzzle I gave you, here is the entrance to it: take me to the entrance

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